Hoof N' Forge Farrier Services - David Hayne

Your horse's hooves never stop growing; they are always changing in shape and form. Therefore optimal husbandry must include regular hoof care and maintenance.

The advancements of 21st century technology coupled with the experience of thousands of years of farriery knowledge can provide a longer, healthier life for your horse, as well as added performance, stability, and support suitable for many riding disciplines. Many factors determine your horses' hoof needs, including:

  • Living environment
  • Performance and use requirements
  • Conformation and athletic ability
  • Hoof horn quality
  • Age
  • Rate of hoof growth

About Me

I have spent the last 30 plus years in my studies of farriery science. I attended the Atlantic Farrier School in 1987, which was the extension department of the Nova Scotia Agricultural College. I mentored under Rocky Irons and was hired as the substitute instructor at the Atlantic Farrier College. I am a member of the American Farrier's Association, having written and passed the Certified Farrier written exam in 2002 in Rochester, New York. I also mentored with farriers from the RCMP Musical Ride, and participated in clinics with Certified Journeyman farriers Andrew Elsbree, Fred Bowers, Myron McLean, Dave Farley, Danny Ward and the gentleman who wrote the book on Principals of Horseshoeing, Dr. Doug Butler.

I am the Vice President of the Nova Scotia Farrier Association and believe in the motto "Educated Farriers Educating Farriers". I'm involved with the American Association of Equine Practitioners, the Atlantic Veterinary College on Prince Edward Island in the Vet/Farrier course programs, and work with vets in therapeutic and pathological cases. I work mainly on hunter/jumpers, western pleasure and driving horses.

I am well known for my farrier honesty and knowledge and believe that it's not a matter of "is it right or wrong?" when trimming or shoeing a horse - but "what is right for the horse?". In my years of studies of the equine hoof and the discipline of the horse, I have dedicated my work to the "Conformational Trim". It is my job to keep my horses going sound and to have the knowledge and experience to identify something that may cause an unsoundness issue.

I work with Fiske Horse Care in answering any questions and testing their product. I am always prepared to mentor other farriers, have given several talks and demonstrations to the general public, pony clubs and 4-H groups, and am always answering questions either in person or by way of e-mail.

I believe that in the studies of farriery, the more I know, the more I need to know.


Phone: (902) 328-2775
Email: hoof_n_forge@hotmail.com