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L.U.C.Y Youth Program Registration Form

Program Dates: Saturday, April 15th from 3pm-5pm and every Saturday following for 8 weeks. Last day would be Saturday June 3rd. Program cost is $400 per person.

We are excited to announce the launch of our L.U.C.Y Youth Program!

This program is for ages 12 to 17. Along with the many benefits identified on the L.U.C.Y webpage this program is designed using the magic of horses to develop new skills and increase self-awareness, which will help youth cope with mild symptoms of depression and/or anxiety. We all experience events that lead us to overthink and worry, or have a low mood. While these feelings are normal it is helpful to learn methods to improve the moment and cope with life stressors more effectively.

Payment is due at the time of registration and will be required to secure your place in the upcoming program. Payment can be made via etransfer to lucyequinetherapy@gmail.com or by cheque payable to LUCY Equine Therapy Association and mailed to:
423 Dunmore Road
Port Hood NS B0E 2W0

Therapeutic Riding Program

L.U.C.Y YTherapeutic Riding Program Registration Form

We are pleased to offer a therapeutic riding program in a private lesson arrangement. The price for private lessons is $65. We have a great selection of versatile and safe school horses to ensure a safe and fun experience for everyone involved.

The value of therapeutic riding is something that is simply indescribable. It is mesmerizing to see the happy faces of riders when they realize that they are able to participate in something that everyone else can do.

Our Program

The Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy program is customized to meet each individual's needs. We offer therapeutic and recreational riding lessons individually, or as part of a group learning format. Our certified Equine Facilitators provide evidence based programming to help increase an individual's self-confidence, awareness of emotions, connection with others, and responsibility. Our clinical therapist leads mindfulness exercises, which are a core component for self-awareness. This helps guide us to better regulate our emotions. Riding is not essential and some programs are focused on grounding, such as grooming the horse, and connecting on the ground.

The Autism Research Institute in California released a study, lead by Robin Gabriels, indicating that children who have a diagnosis of Autism who participated in a 10-week horse therapy program exhibited improvements in irritability and hyperactivity as well as increased word fluency compared to children participating in activities in a barn setting but not interacting with horses.

In the new study, the researchers reevaluated 64 of the children six months after their therapy sessions ended. They found that the children continued to exhibit reductions in irritability (although not hyperactivity) compared to the controls. In addition, the riding group sustained their initial improvements in social communication and word fluency.

Gabriels said, “There is growing evidence that human-animal interventions can improve emotional health and social wellness in youth, particularly those with autism spectrum disorder. Our study was rigorous and the findings remarkable.”

The full article can be found here: https://www.autism.org/horse-therapy-autism/

Our objective is to provide a safe and inclusive environment. Please email us to schedule a time to discuss your needs. Lessons must be booked in advance and while we are still working out of our outdoor arena, they will be weather permitting.