RSEC Lease a Horse Program

PLEASE NOTE: our lease program is designed to allow students to experience the joys of horse ownership, without actually having to go out and take that dive to purchase your own and all the bills that come along with having your own horse. This is also the only way for our riders to be able to step into the competition world without actually having to own their own horse.

  • Lease price is board at $400 per month, plus a discounted lesson package, farrier (varies depending on the horse and time of the year), vaccines, deworming.
  • Lease students get a discounted lesson package of 10 lessons at $300 per month.
  • This includes:
    • Two weekly group riding lessons (scheduled at the same time each week)
    • Four monthly ground work lessons on horsemanship
    • One free monthly trail ride
    • $10 discount every time your lease horse is used in another lesson with up to $100 off per month
    • Use of your lease horses tack and equipment

Total Lease costs is $700 per month, plus farrier, (every six to eight weeks), vaccines, (annually), deworming, (every three months). To be paid at the beginning of each month.


    Lease riders will be responsible to have their own proper riding attire, including boots and helmets, grooming kits, tack wipes/tack cleaning kit, and fly spray.

    THERE WILL BE NO CANCELLATIONS DUE TO WEATHER. If it’s your riding day and weather doesn’t permit us to do a mounted lesson, students will do an unmounted stable management or horsemanship lesson.